Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On-Line Pesrsonal Training:Pros and Cons

There is a lot of confusion out there concerning what exactly an on-line personal trainer provides to his or her clients. While the price is certainly affordable, people need to be assured that they are still getting a good value for their investment. Below, find a list of the benefits a good on-line personal trainer can provide, as well as the few ways in which an in person personal trainer is superior. Then, compare the two lists and decide if the pricey option is what you need, or if you think that a good on-line personal trainer will be able to help you meet your fitness goals while saving you hundreds of dollars along the way.


1: Price. This can not be over emphasized. An on-line trainer can give you years of knowledge and experience at a price you can afford.

2: Accessability. An on-line personal trainer is likely to be available most times of the day. Certainly there are some instances of unavailability, but with the prevalence of smart phones you can expect a reply from an on-line personal trainer whether by phone, text, or email within a few hours. If you need to get in touch with your personal trainer and he or she isn't at the gym, it may be a couple days until you get your feedback.

3: Information. The Internet is full of information, and if the on-line personal trainer knows his or her clients, it will be very easy to pass on relevant information in a very timely manner. For a personal trainer in a gym to provide all f his or her clients with relevant articles and information, he or she would be wearing out the photocopier. And most people aren't going to read the article at the gym anyway, but many would click on a link that comes from a trusted adviser.

4: Mobile. If you travel for work or pleasure, there is no way to take your personal trainer with you to advise you about working out on the go. If you have a good relationship with an on-line personal trainer, when you get to a hotel that has an on site "fitness facility", which is seldom very complete, you can send an email listing what equipment is available. Soon, you will get a reply giving you a workout routine that will help you meet your goals and utilizes the equipment that is available. Another benefit that falls into this category concerns people moving. If either the client or the personal trainer moves to a new city, their relationship is severed. As long as you still have Internet access, your relationship with your on-line personal trainer can go on for years.


1: Form. When working directly with a personal trainer, the personal trainer is able to watch your form and help you correct it on the spot. He or she is also able to adjust the weight being used on the fly to either push the client harder or back off if the resistance is too difficult. With an on-line personal trainer, the client must handle these tasks on his or her own.

SOLUTION:To help prevent bad form, I post photos and videos of the exercises I am recommending on-line so you are able to know the proper way to perform the exercises. Also, you are always welcome to send me a video of you performing an exercise for me to critique, or we can Skype or use face time to make any corrections in that way.

2: Accountability. Meeting with a personal trainer at the gym is a motivator for some, especially if they are going to have to pay whether they go to the gym or not. With an on-line personal trainer, you have to keep yourself accountable about maintaining your workouts.

SOLUTION:If accountability is the biggest challenge to improving your health, I will make it a point to keep you on track. If you need a phone call or a text every day to make sure you are working out, I'll do that for you.

At the end of the day, there are a number of options out there for people that want to improve their health. What you need to do is figure out what works best from you, and stay diligent so as to make the most out of your decision.

How healthy you are is ultimately up to you, and I'd be honored to help you along your way.

If you would like to explore the possibility of us forming a working relationship, please check out for more information and to get the ball rolling.

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